Dear Friends,

Music is a passion that unites millions of human beings all over the world through an immutable bond.

As mankind has striven to overcome differences in nationality, language, religion, culture, wealth and age it has always been able to depend on a truly universal form of communication: the language of music.

These ideals of inclusion and universality are what inspire my work every day, and will continue to do so as I gratefully and enthusiastically accept the post of Artistic Director for the Malta Classical Music Academy of the 11th Malta International Music Festival.

I warmly welcome our students, teachers and music enthusiasts to an event that promises to be a triumph of cooperation and musical excellence. As the great Beethoven would say: a great “Ode to Joy” to all!

In the extraordinary surroundings of Valletta, the fortified capital city that has welcomed visitors to the island of Malta since the 16th century, you will enjoy a truly unforgettable experience as you further develop your skills and appreciation for classical music under the tutelage of some of the greatest musicians on the world stage.

Students who enrol at the Malta Classical Music Academy will have the opportunity to be coached by a selection of the best professors practicing today, in a venue perfectly suited to support cultural and musical growth.

The Malta Classical Music Academy awaits you with open arms!

Best wishes,
Davide Alogna
Artistic Director, Strings Department of Malta Classical Music Academy
Professor of Violin at the Conservatorio ‘F. Cilea’ in Reggio Calabria